Without getting tangled in the tech or lost in google search hell!

Psst: OptimizePress isn’t just for landing pages and membership sites.

And, obviously, neither are you.

Sure, you certainly want to build and run a red-hot, wildly successful course that makes everyone and their mom scream, HOT DAMN. But you also want to have the ability to whip up must-read, must-buy sales pages and intuitive, easy-to-navigate membership sites.

But you want a lot of other things too. And you just might have suspected that OptimizePress has a lot of untapped, juicy secrets up its sleeve. (And holy hell does it ever).

Optimize Your Course is all about exploring those secrets. It’s about going beyond what you’re currently doing...

Beyond the basics...
Beyond the confusing, directionless freebies...
Beyond yawn-inducing trainings…
Beyond your sales goals and into business badassery.

As an OP lover and expert (I know this bad boy inside and out and back again), I’m sick of seeing people miss out on all of the cool things you can do on the platform.

OptimizePress and I have been through a lot together (cue romantic montage music)years of building my own sites and programs as well as doing so for other entrepreneurs. I’ve witnessed firsthand how much it can simplify things; how liberating it is for entrepreneurs to stop purchasing a bunch of different platforms and plugins.

Through all of those years and projects, I’ve been brought in to fix OP sites that were built by ‘experts,’ I’ve played around with it endlessly and come up with a massive amount of workarounds. So in some ways, I’m the expert’s expert, as well as the street-level OP hacker.

So I said to myself, “Well, Gen, why don’t you share the goods?”




Because overwhelm and complicated need to gtfo of your
business and life.

Because you’re ready for bigger, better things.

If you’re just getting started building your first course or setting up a membership site for the first time, and you want to really nail those beginning basics and lay a unshakeable foundation, OP is the “OG” (Original Gangster).

In a nutshell, it’s your painless, empowering program that will help you:

  • package your course content into a sleek, flawlessly functioning website that turns your students into loyal-’til-I-die fans (read: the kind who drop unprompted praise into your favorite Facebook groups and tidal waves of new business your way).
  • have FULL control of how your membership site looks, feels, and functions—plus the deep-diving insight from an OptimizePress expert (that’s me!) make more money NOW—instead of months from now when you finally figure out how to integrate your shopping cart.
  • throw open the doors to your course minus any last-minute meltdowns or panicked phone calls to anyone-who’ll-listen (because "surprise, surprise", your membership plugin is glitching and you're supposed to launch in t-minus 50 minutes).
  • master the OptimizePress platform alongside other ambitious entrepreneurs who are just as determined as you to rock a massively successful launch—without paying big bucks to a developer.

Sounds great, right? It is. And it’s the perfect way to ignite your entire OP experience.

$399 Get Started Now4 part payment plan available

Genevieve flawlessly set up a comprehensive OptimizePress membership site for me from beginning to end. I can fully rely on and trust Genevieve's expertise to navigate technical issues, create multiple membership levels, develop an engaging sales page and membership templates and setup payment buttons that work. 

She is the ultimate Optimize Press expert.

Nagina Sethi Abdullah, Creator of Spice Yourself Skinny



it's easier than you could ever imagive


Hey, I'm Geneviève Mari—Digital Learning Strategist & OptimizePress Ninja for audacious, savvy entrepreneurs who are ready to build their first (or second) online course or membership site, but need help wrapping their heads around the technical side of things so they can get it off the ground.

I’ve helped countless online entrepreneurs upload, install, and configure OptimizePress, build out online courses, and set up membership sites—not to mention tweak, troubleshoot, and fix those same sites on-demand.

But one day, it hit me . . .

What about those clients who wanted to figure things out for themselves — with minimal hand-holding, and without it costing them hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars?

And what about the people who wanted to master a skill set they could apply again and again, at their own pace, and in their own time?

That revelation led to this course!

My favorite thing about Geneviève (and there are many) is that she will not stop working on a project until everything is as it should be. She’s knowledgeable, dedicated and really down to earth. Geneviève has a knack for explaining complicated technical issues in plain language that even non-techies can understand. A true asset on any project.

Dayna House, Dayna House Designs

You have a gift of teaching that maximizes the speed to implementation and depth of understanding not usually found in most training courses. Your insight into building a membership site is greater than X's and O's. It's not raw data, or dry instruction you're passing along. You feel the process and synthesize it into your easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow training.

Mike Coday, Mike Coday Marketing

Why do I have such a love affair with OptimizePress? Probably because it’s a wildly-effective, (almost) all-in-one) solution that has been at the heart of my business’ growth (and that of hundreds of my clients).

It was also pivotal when I was first launching my business. Not only was it affordable, but it had a huge library of templates for all types of pages, enabling me to use my own branding and customize the look and feel of everything so it rang true to me and my tribe.

Optimize Your Course is the start-to-finish guide to bringing your online course to life. And with the private FB group (optional), it is the place where you can really take off and go long-term with the program. In other words it’s the cherry on top (a cherry that’s going to open up tons of new ideas and income streams)

What you’ll get with Optimize Your Course:

Resources and strategies on how to equip yourself with the skills to manage all of the handy, biz-transforming features of OptimizePress. Such as:

How to create pages: landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, ecourse pages, etc.
How to create payment buttons that are integrated with your payment gateway
How to create popup opt-ins
How to create custom welcome pages for multiple courses
How to set up custom capabilities
How to test your site
How to troubleshoot bugs
And so much more...

And because I’m not just a teacher of it, I’m a user, I’ll share my personal work-arounds that I’ve created to common roadblocks that pop up along the way. Oh and because I’m a fan of fun, my trainings are never boring and instead succinct and creative; leaving you armed and equipped to DO MORE STUFF.

Handy Hacks of things that aren’t necessarily OptimizePress but work with it (scandalous, I know!) So you can understand how to use OP to take your site that much farther. Think: things like CSS hacks and how-to videos to go along with it, so even if you’re brand new to CSS, you can crack the code(s).

A Community of likeminded online entrepreneurs who use OP and have the same “huh?” and “Oh yeah!”s as you do. (No more sitting at your home office, tossing your laptop out the window because you’re stuck and annoyed and have no one to turn to.)

Bonuses because duh. I’ve brought out the big guns (aka expert contributors) to offer bonus content just to OYC members. They’ll be hittin’ on topics like: FB ads, SEO, Course Design, Site Design, Biz Law, Content Design, Branding, Biz info, and Persuasion tactics (oh my!). I’m talkin head-turners and game-changers like:

Bushra Azhar
Emmy Wu
Dayna House
Prerna Malik
Heather Pearce Campbell
Sarah Hart
Shonali Burke
Julie Hagan Lowe



is booming at warp speed!

Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected the e-learning industry was predicted to hit $107 Billion in 2015.  Statistics are showing that it's on track to surpass this number in 2016.

It’s a huge industry, one that is no longer restricted to the corporate or higher learning sector.  The Learning Management System Market, and Mobile Learning Market together hit just over $13 billion this past year.

Now is your time to stake your claim in this growing industry.  What are you waiting for?

Thank you again for your instructional videos on OptimizePress. You provide all the right information in a way that's so clear and well presented. What a relief! And your responsiveness when we had questions meant that we never lacked for answers – you are a gem to work with.

I avoided building a new site because I dreaded learning a new program. But when I couldn’t wait any longer, I held my breath and dived into your materials. What a pleasure! Your videos are easy to understand, absolutely thorough, and I feel like you are sitting by my side the whole time. To my surprise, the process has been easy and the site looks amazing. I wish we hadn’t waited so long.

Susan Tenney, Professional Pet and Pony Patter at Elemental Acupressure

Over the course of my career I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and mentors. I know the drill pretty well, what to expect, what not to expect. I’ve learned to be, let’s say, “mildly disappointed” in most coaching experiences, to get the knowledge I need, but to be left something less than fulfilled - like you really wanted just one more bite of cake.

Genevieve Mari isn’t like that.

Gen is there. She is present. Not only does she have an uncompromising command of her subject, but should you come up with that odd question (I really have a gift for that) she never hesitates to say, “I don’t know. But I will find out.” And then she does. Every time. She never leaves you hanging, waiting for an answer that never comes. She never bluffs her way through a question she can’t answer. If she can’t answer she takes the opportunity to learn herself while she gets you what you need. She is extraordinary. She is - without question and bar none - the finest coach I have ever worked with.

Stefanie Somers, Stefanie Somers, Inc.

Now you don't have to be a "techy" person to handle every little tiny update on your behalf - you really CAN do everything yourself!

Designed with YOU in mind, with the under-the-hood training you need to make your online course a huge success!

Optimize Your Course isn’t just another run-of-the-mill program that overloads you with information without showing you how to put your new skills into action. (After all, tech theory alone can only get you so far before you hit a digital wall.)

Instead, my mission is to empower you to set up your online course right the FIRST time, which is why I've thrown my heart and soul into making your experience with OptimizePress as painless as possible.

These videos will be like me holding your hand through the entire process of building your online course, so that you get started on the right foot. If you've never touched a theme or plugin in your life, take a big breath—I’ve got you covered.

Whether you choose to work from a template (there are many to choose from) or are audacious enough to start with a blank page, I’ll cover every aspect of creating beautiful AND functional pages with OptimizePress.

Let’s get your site locked and loaded, so that your content is securely tucked away from anyone who hasn't paid to access it yet. I show you exactly how to set up your membership levels and packages, and how to set up the page restrictions on each page of your course.

Without stress, without fuss...'cause I'm not about that!

Want access to the best OptimizePress training available with expert input and community support?

$399 Get Started Now4 part payment plan available

Genevieve is one of the most generous and helpful people I’ve come across in the online business world. I’m not really sure when or why I came across her, but her continuous guidance and support to me as I grow the OptimizePress side of my VA business has been such a blessing in my life. My gratitude for her taking me under her wing and becoming my mentor of sorts is immeasurable. And all of that praise is before I even get to her OP skills!

Genevieve’s experience, expertise (and patience!) when it comes to OP is second to none. It’s unusual in this day and age that a human is better than Google, but when it comes to OP, Genevieve definitely is. She has a real gift for problem solving and logic, and her in-depth knowledge of OP puts her head and shoulders above anyone else who works with it. OP is such a powerful piece of software, but only in the right hands, and Genevieve is basically the OP whisperer. It’s actually quite amazing to watch her talk through with someone how to fix a problem on their site. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have Genevieve working on the backend of your OP site herself!

If you’re looking for the real deal when it comes to OP support, go to Genevieve.

Elizabeth Goddard

How does the content roll out?

Instructional videos: lots of ‘em.

Easy to follow, each one breaks things down into digestible and actionable sequences.

I share my screen with you while we take a virtual stroll through the ins and outs of OptimizePress. This is your chance to see everything up close 'n' personal and really get a sense of how you can make OP work for you.

You’ll also have access to printable PDFs to get you off on the right foot.

And don't worry, you'll also have the chance to fire any brewing questions at me during my office hours.

  • Downloading OptimizePress Theme & Plugin
  • Uploading OptimizeMember Theme & Plugin
  • Installing OptimizePress Theme & OptimizeMember Plugin
  • Configuring OptimizePressTheme & OptimizePress and OptimizeMemberPlugin
  • Adding and Editing User/Members & setting the proper Permalinks format
  • Understanding the OptimizePress Page Builder and Live Editor
  • Purchasing & Uploading Marketplace or Clubhouse Templates
  • Working With Designed or Blank Templates
  • Using and Understanding OptimizePress Elements To Build Your Pages
  • Setting Up Your Blog & Multiple Menus
  • Membership Setup, Including Integrations
  • Using Membership Levels & Packages
  • Using The Membership Order Button To Set Up Payments
  • Manually Adding New Members
  • Modifying Member Subscriptions and Custom Capabilities
  • Testing Opt-in Setup
  • Testing Sales Page
  • Testing Registration
  • Testing Page Restrictions
  • Testing User Restrictions
  • Troubleshooting Payment Sequence
  • Troubleshooting Email Deliverability
  • Recommended Plugins
  • Integrating Active Campaign
  • Updates to OP & OPM
  • and other training resources


(and more will be added to the list as the course grows)

Heather Pearce Campbell

Protect What You Build
How to Protect Your Online Content

Bushra Azhar

Pitch Perfect Workshop
+ Worksheet

Emmy Wu

Video Kick Start Guide

Prerna Malik

Smart, Stress-Free SEO Recipe

Shonali Burke

The 7C Social PR Framework eBook

Sarah Hart

How to design your Ecourse Training

Elizabeth Goddard

ConvertKit Integration & Member Tagging

$399 Get Started Now4 part payment plan available

Optimize Your Course is the perfect program for you if...

Your content is ready to rock, but you're missing that all-important online platform so that you can start sharing your expertise

You're tired of desperately searching Google and watching YouTube training videos in a bid to fix your technical woes or figure out what to do next

You're ready to have your site locked 'n' loaded so you can STOP procrastinating and launch your course already!

You're a smart-but-stubborn entrepreneur who wants a little support and hand-holding, but also the freedom to navigate your own course setup and launch

You'd rather master these skills yourself than spend $2000+ to hire a pro to do the job for you

You want to help more people and make more money while you’re at it, but you're stuck on the technical piece

You may want to reconsider purchasing this program if...

You’re not ready to release a course yet

You aren't planning on unleashing the awesomeness that is OptimizePress (this is my zone of genius and this course will ONLY be addressing the OP Platform — the knowledge you’ll learn will NOT be transferrable to any other platform)

You just want someone to do it for you (if that’s the case, hop over here)

You’re still undecided about whether or not to use OptimizePress for your membership site

You hate watching training videos, no matter how great they are!

Your stuff is super helpful - way better than what OptimizePress puts out on it's own hub.

Kevin Haslam, CEO & Founder at Eleven twenty-four Productions, LLC

Genevieve is the best! She is very responsive and really knows her stuff. I went through two other people who couldn't figure out my problem before she swooped in and saved the day. I highly recommend her!

Johanna Lyman, Mentor - Coach

Thank you for sharing what you know so generously Genevieve Mari! Much gratitude. My office assistant was literally beaming after she implemented the changes you suggested and realized how much easier things are going to be with OptimizePress. I was a beautiful thing to see.

Brodie Welch, L.AC., M.S.O.M, Life In Balance Acupuncture

Geneviève is the real deal! I just watched her in action during an OP setup webinar training and it was sooooo valuable. Thanks for your generosity and sharing your techy wisdom so simply.

Rebecca Berggren, Mindful Marketing Strategist at Simplee Online

Here are some answers to your most pressing questions!

$399 Get Started Now4 part payment plan available